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4.9 stars: Over 100,000 Healthier Customers

Kombuchery is finally available at REWE!

Find our Kombuchery Original and Ginger now in over 1,100 REWE West and REWE Mitte branches in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia & Rhineland-Palatinate ! Same kombucha with live cultures, but in a new, completely new look. Have you already spotted us in the fresh food aisle?

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Grab Kombuchery Original and Ginger

We are NOW available from REWE in the Original and Ginger varieties. Same content, but a whole new look and larger 400ml rPET bottle! Every Kombuchery bottle sold also donates to PlasticBank - an organization that prevents plastic from entering the ocean and supports local communities.

  • Original

    tart & fresh

  • ginger

    slightly spicy & tangy

But wait, why is the kombucha now in plastic?

Selling kombuchery at REWE is a unique opportunity for us! However, due to the one-way deposit, we faced a challenge because unfortunately no glass bottles are allowed in the REWE refrigerator shelf.

Instead of missing this great opportunity to resort to aluminum cans or regular plastic bottles, we chose the best option: 100% recycled rPET bottles, which are fully recycled even after use.

But that wasn't enough for us, which is why we work with the sustainable organization PlasticBank . For every bottle sold, we ensure that another bottle is collected from the beaches and therefore does not end up in the sea.